CBC tour: October 25, 2012.

On Thursday, October 25th, My Production Techniques class went on a tour of the CBC studios with John Northcott. We got a chance to see how everything works, where the morning show is filmed, the radio shows and see everyone at work!


As an introduction to the studios, this picture seemed appropriate. Seeing this sign made it sink in as to how real the experience was.  Continue reading →


Update: Journalism School

Hello folks,

It has been a while since I have updated my page about school. Well, it’s officially week 12 of Journalism school and we have about a week left! I remember the first day of J-school, walking into class and not knowing at all what to expect. Is it crazy that although I’ve learned a TON by the end of the semester, I still dont know what to expect! However, keeping in mind that there is another semester left of year 1.

I’ve learned everything from CP style in print Journalism to Production techniques where we also had the amazing experience of touring the CBC as well as getting up close and personal with production cameras and tripods! As well as online Journalism with twitter, google maps, and creating our own website.

I didn’t think that the semester would fly by so fast, i guess time flies when you’re having fun haha. Of course there has been those mornings where I could feel like getting up for school was the last thing I wanted to do but looking forward to my classes kept me getting up every morning excited for them.

I’m excited for next semester though too, I heard we were learning law which really makes me look forward to it. I’ve wanted to learn about Canadian law for a while, it’s always been an interest of mine to see how everything works in the justice system and even for life experience. The thing I’m excited for the most about that is getting a chance to sit in on a court session. i’ve never been to a court room and it would be an interesting experience to see how it works.

Until next time!