The Animal Voice: Podcast


The Animal Voice was created in order to give animals of all kinds whether performing seals, manta rae’s, and lions, farming animas like cows, horses, and pigs to rodeo’s where baby calf’s are not given a choice whether they like their feet tied together as they are slammed to the ground, the voice which they do not have. There are too many unreported cases of cruelty and abuse to animals where they fall victim and are unable to speak up or at least cry for help.

This was my first attempt at creating a podcast. To elaborate on the meaning behind it, animals are often overlooked in society, as well as minority groups, animals can be seen as vulnerable because unlike human beings, they are not given a choice to live or to die. They do not have the same privileges or rights to execute decisions on their own bodies like humans do.

The primary goal of this future podcast series will be to do exactly that! To work towards a world where animals are almost, if not exactly equal to humans. This may be a far stretch to achieve this goal, but can’t really know the challenge until you try, right?


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