Pets don’t get to choose: The moral dilemma

We all know that animal pets are the only beings that dont get to choose when they eat, receive medication, go downstairs, upstairs, sleep on this couch or on the bed, pee in the box or outside, etc.

But at which point do we let them choose?

I recently had the most painful encounter with a beast that stole my heart fourteen years ago. His life was ended with euthanasia due to many threatening complications. Even though he was in no real pain before his death due to heavy amount of pain killers, he hadn’t eaten in a week before his passing. I am still struggling with the decision, that most likely saved him months or maybe weeks of more suffering.

Without getting too personal about this topic. I wish to discuss this issue through the animal welfare realm. However we don’t know the answer until the problem hits us in the face, just like it did for my own.

The moral dilemma questions the idea that pets, as living being with individual freedom should get a chance to live their lives out until they pass from natural causes. However, as pet owners, are we responsible for these decisions?

Would we allow medically assisted suicide to a human suffering due to a treatable illness (metastatic cancer) who would have to undergo multiple treatments?

These are all questions that we should ask ourselves in order to accept euthanasia as ethicists.

In a Psychology today article a man by the name of Elliot Cohen, asks the question “I wouldn’t request euthanasia for a child, so why Bentley?” which discusses the ethics of euthanasia in animals after he had tried multiple treatments for his dogs metastatic oral melanoma.

The debate is indeed a moral dilemma to consider. It is difficult and emotional as these pets become a part of the family. It’s just like losing your closest friend, but one that has seen you in your worst of times and best but never said a word. Never made a judgemental comment at your expense.

Make the call based on the question of is the animal living a qualitative life any longer, or has the disease consumed any possibility of a fulfilling and satisfying life for the animal. If an animal is experiencing considerable suffering but the owner is unwilling to let the animal go, this is commonly seen when the pet becomes a part of the family and there is a guilt of killing the animal too early.

Times have changed and societal views of euthanasia along with them. Whereas before,  owners didn’t blink at the thought of putting down a pet, now many are hesitant to euthanize as they go to great lengths to keep their sick animals alive.

With owners viewing their pets as family members, it becomes a difficult decision that they avoid making, regardless if it will benefit the animal or not.

The conclusion is this: if the animal is too sick to nourish itself and do at least two out of 5 of the usual activities it enjoys then it is time to say goodbye, but euthanizing a healthy animal for mere convenience is purely unethical.





The Glitz and Glamour


There been many discussion on social media about ‘Bell’s Let’s Talk’ Campaign, I decided to put my effort into advocating for mental health awareness and ensure that not just people in my life knew but anybody who ever crosses my path is informed.

Lately through interactions with people, I see that compassion and empathy are rare to find in people. I don’t recall the last time I came a cross a person who genuinely invested effort into an interaction purely out of interest, to learn more about the likes/dislikes, values, and goals in life of another human being.

When was the last time you heard someone say “are you okay?”

This is another potential issue that needs to be explored on behalf of us little people. We may not truly understand it now. But even those living in the glitz and glamour, those known as celebs are still battling/ struggling with the same mental battles that us little people are. They portray it in other ways.

Read between the lines, even G-Eazy’s new up and coming track “Me, myself, and I” is an nexus built as a call for help, or an indirect message to people that something is wrong. That he is tired of “turning up” a slang term known for partying amongst today’s young adults. We may look up to them or look at them as unreachable, but what it comes down to is we are all people. Each one of us is composed of the same basic biological matter.

Yeah, and I don’t like talking to strangers
So get the fuck off me I’m anxious
I’m tryna be cool but I may just go ape shit
Say “fuck y’all” to all of y’all faces

It changes though now that I’m famous
Everyone knows how this lifestyle is dangerous
But I love it the rush is amazing
Celebrate nightly and everyone rages

He touches on the issue of people who simply stay in his life to benefit themselves only. They continue to be present in his life and not because they care about him but just because they have found how to use him for his fame, and money.

It’s clearly stated there. He wants to break off from the world and sulk in his own space.

At this time it is really important to identify who is truly, genuinely and honestly there in your life for YOU, and who is there just to benefit for themselves. Either way, remember, your mental health sits higher than anything else in your life. That new job, the new car, social get togethers, events, classes, work. Put yourself first. Always remember that in the end, you are going to be there for yourself. It IS nice to have a support system, but sometimes you are the only one who has yourself, so as the song goes….

It’s just me, myself and I
Solo ride until I die
Cause I, got me for life

Talk to someone if you feel like something is wrong.

This is a very important issue to me personally, and also because of important individuals in my life who have been victim to mental health struggles.

Click here for support for youth or adults.

Thanks for reading if you did.

Stay strong

Avital Azarov